Making Money from Home with Print on Demand Companies

Making Money from Home with Print on Demand Companies

You can earn money from home in a variety of ways, but one easy method is to use print on demand companies to create merchandise such as t-shirts, totes, mugs and branded jewelry.

Here are some of the best print on demand companies to make money from home and if you can really make good money from it, but before we do that, let’s get a good understanding of what print on demand is.

How does Print on Demand work?

Print on Demand (POD) refers to the practice of printing small quantities of products and selling them on a per-order basis. It is similar to dropshipping, but with fewer hassles.

This method is cost-effective since it eliminates the need to store or wholesale stock, as well as process and deliver orders.

Print on demand enables you to easily create your design online, set up an online store, and share links to your products on social media.

What is the Advantage of Print on Demand?

  • Physical stores are not necessary.
  • Starting a business requires very little capital.
  • It is possible to sell your products without managing shipments.
  • Establishing a business with POD is quick and easy without all the risk.
  • You can start this business from anywhere
  • You don’t need to store inventory.
  • You are not responsible for managing product deliveries.
  • Ecommerce sites like Shopify, Etsy, or Woocommerce are easy to integrate.

Can You Make Money from Print on Demand?

Can You Make Money from Print on Demand?

Print on demand can definitely make you money, but there are some things you need to consider.

You can generate a decent income if you have some great graphics or catchy quotes, know how to market your business well, or have a great following.

It is crucial to showcase your products in the right way, with trendy slogans and appealing graphics. Most users of print on demand started out on platforms like Instagram before moving on to create their own ecommerce sites.

Print on demand products are a great way to earn passive income. You need only design your graphics/logos once, and then your customers can buy your products over and over again without you having to do any of the heavy lifting.

What Type of Products can be Sold using Print on Demand?

It’s common to think about print on demand when you think of T-shirts, but you can also add your designs to a wide variety of other products such as mugs, pens, bags, phone cases, flip flops, towels, jackets, hoodies and , caps, the list goes on and on. 

It’s effortless to sell your art by adding it to your print-on-demand print shop using tools such as PicMonkey, Canva, iPiccy, Photoshop, InDesign, or even Procreate if you have an iPad.

Best Print on Demand Companies to Start Earning Money Online

The following companies provide print on demand services at the best prices.


Printful allows you to print clothing for any age, accessories, pillows, towels, and wall art. Printful integrates with other ecommerce platforms. Upon receiving an order, Printful communicates with you and then delivers the products to the customer.


Dropshipping from Printful guarantees high-quality products, which allows you as a seller to focus on developing your products. The company also handles stocks, printing and all production.


Printify is a leading print on demand ecommerce platform which caters to large print networks such as t-shirts. They provide designing, sourcing, fulfillment, and shipping of products.

With Printify, you can get the best prices for custom-made products and integrate with other popular ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Etsy. This allows you to sell your products on the platform that best suits your needs.

Society 6

Society 6 specializes in selling art prints, and it’s easy to set up and use. It allows you to sell items including pillowcases, mobile phone cases, and t-shirts.

As a seller, you can also retain your copyright to the designs, and Society 6 runs different marketing campaigns that can boost your sales.


A diverse creative community submits its artwork on Redbubble, a print-on-demand platform that you can easily join. Among the products you can print on Redbubble are notebooks, t-shirts, hoodies, postcards, duvet covers, and stickers.

Platform features include a user-friendly interface, a free setup and a fast upload process. You can also set your own pricing margins for each product.


Teespring is a print on demand company that has several categories of products you can browse by hobbies, interests, age, animals, location, and sports.

Teespring is an online marketplace where users can market their designs and products. Among the types of goods you can print are mugs, gifts, home decor, t-shirts, and hoodies.

As well, Teespring offers dropshipping of products to consumers. You can set different pricing for different products.


Spreadshirt is a good option for new sellers looking to open a print on demand store. The platform allows you to make money and is easy to use.

When you put your designs on Spreadshirt, anyone on the platform can sell them, and you earn a commission for each sale.

You can take control of your designs by opening your own Spread shop. All sales are now made on your site, and you can make regular profits.


Teelaunch makes it easy to get started in the print on demand online business by integrating with Shopify. Teelaunch prints products on demand and allows designers and artists to start a store without investing. The website is simple to use and provides quality products.



Zazzle is an online business that allows creatives and designers to make products using their artwork. You can upload your own designs, set your own margin rates, and earn referral fees on every sale. Zazzle has a straightforward approach without listings. 

The site lets you display your designs on its main site and share them on social media to drive more sales. It also offers tips and tutorials on how to improve your products and designs.

Print on Demand Companies Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a way to earn money from home without having to hold stock and still use your creativity, then you may want to consider print on demand.

You can use print on demand companies to create designs that are highly in demand. You can check this by looking at Google Trends or whatever is trending on the popular social platforms.

With very little outlay on your part, you can scale up production quickly and sell globally. You can also customize quality products and provide more value to your customers.

Have you ever used an print on demand services like Pitiful or Tee spring? If so what was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below and as always feel free to checkout our latest articles here.

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