How To Make Money Online Writing Articles

How To Make Money Online Writing Articles

Modern technology has taken over the traditional way of writing newsletters, product reviews, and sending circulars to their clients. This has been made easier by writing articles that are published on their company websites for their clients to catch up with the recent news of the company as well as reach out for new clients. This could be an article on a new product being introduced in the market or just informing customers on how to use the product and many more reasons. This is how to make money online writing articles has been created and many writers are now online writing making their daily bread comfortably from their homes. Article writing are in different forms and all depends on what kind of an article the clients need. Following are some of the ways different article writers have been earning a living online:


As a writer, you could easily start a blog for free and later on upgrade whereby you start attracting viewers. Many bloggers choose a topic they are passionate about and start writing slowly by slowly and gradually the blogs grows in to a famous blogging site.

From this blog, you find there are viewers who are attracted to your writing and ask to hire you to write articles for their blogs or websites. Of course this comes with an agreement on how to pay the writer. There is also a double benefit whereby you are enjoying doing what you are passionate about and at the same time you are paid for drawing traffic by Google. This of course takes time to grow but it’s worth the time.

Ghost Blogging

Ghost blogging is where you write your content on another person’s blog and you of course earn from writing in their blog. This is a good way to make money online writing. You can also do this in more than one blog and you can own more than one blog, hence increasing your means of income.

Writing for Magazine Companies

Different magazine companies like Ebony and other famous one need to publish their magazines either monthly, quarterly or every three months. They have their own writers who are hired online and have a contract where they are able to make money online writing on a regular basis.

Freelancing Companies

Companies like Fiverr, Freelancer, Top content, Up work among others have set up their own websites whereby they have clients who need writers but can’t get hold of them directly. Most writers therefore sign up and open an account with these companies and they are offered writing jobs on their portal on a daily basis. As a writer, you have to put your profile on your account so that clients can reach you. Other companies only agreed at a rate and you start getting writing offers and you don’t need to keep advertising.

The writers have to sign a contract and agree with the company on how to receive their pay either through the bank, PayPal, Payoneer or other means depending on the means of payment the Freelancing Company is open to. This is a safe way on how to make money online writing articles. It’s a dream come true for many who have always desired to work from home as they take care of their families and set their own working time.

Selling content

As a writer you can write your own content and advertise it online for sale. There are site for article marketing where they market your article at a commission. Once your article is bought you can then pay them their commission. As a regular article writer you will realize with time this is a good way on how to make money online writing articles. It is much better than been hired as you choose your own topics and write them the way you want so long as they sell.

Content site writers

There are website specifically meant for creating content for websites. This companies are always on the lookout for best writers anywhere in the world. Some writer prefer to be hired by such companies that are focused even though they work online. This too is a good way to make money online writing

Networking on Social Media

There are many social media groups where writers have been able to source writing projects from their friends or friends of their friends. The network in Facebook, whatsApp, Instagram, and other social media platforms is quite big and news spread like bushfire.

When you mention that you are an online article writer, people start contacting you seeking to write articles for advertising their products, invitations, newsletters for their emails, and writing projects. You don’t need to meet them physically but only send them your work samples and they start giving you writing works. You may find some writers who have direct clients and they have a work load of article writing and hence the need to hire you to help in clearing the backlog at a fee. This is also a good source to make money online writing

How To Make Money Online Writing Articles Final Thoughts

In Conclusion, you could be asking how to make money online writing articles which is evident above among other ways. Most companies especially during this covid-19 seasons have been working from home, hence the need for sourcing article writers which has been a good season for some writers. Learning how to write is not a hard task and with the age of technology, many people own laptops or desktops at home and are connected to the internet. You can learn how to write articles online and starting earning your cash from the comfort of your home. All you need to know is the credibility of the person hiring you from referrals so that you don’t sweat writing for your client and then they disappear with your cash. Many people have been conned online for lack of knowing or researching on the credibility of the company in question.

There are many writers online who can mentor your on how to make money online writing articles. They have a wealth of experience and if you are a newbie, the best thing is to ask for referrals that are trustworthy from such writers. Learn to make money online writing as it is a lucrative way of earning a living and you get to learn a lot from handling diverse topics.

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